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J.D.s was a queer punk zine founded in Toronto by G.B. Jones and co-published with Bruce LaBruce.

" J.D.s is seen by many to be the catalyst that pushed the queercore scene into existence", writes Amy Spencer in D.I.Y.: The Rise Of Lo-Fi. J.D.s ran from 1985 to 1991, during which time eight issues were released.

After the release of the first few issues, the editors wrote a manifesto entitled "Don't Be Gay", which was featured in Maximum Rock 'N' Roll. According to Amy Spencer, "The article appeared in February 1989 and simultaneously attacked both punk and gay subcultures. Following their article, a queer punk culture did begin to emerge."

J.D.s stood for 'Juvenile Delinquents'. The zine featured the photos and the "Tom Girl" drawings of G.B. Jones, fiction by Bruce LaBruce, and the "J.D.s Top Ten Homocore Hits", a list of queer themed songs such as "Off-Duty Sailor" by The Dicks, "Only Loved At Night" by The Raincoats, "The Anal Staircase" by Coil and ""I, Bloodbrothers Be" by Shockheaded Peters. Groups such as Anti-Scrunti Faction were featured in the zine. Contributors included Donny The Punk, Carrie McNinch, comic artist Anonymous Boy, author Dennis Cooper, drag artist and zine editor Vaginal Davis and Klaus and Jena von Brucker.

In 1990, J.D.s released the first compilation of queercore songs, a cassette tape entitled J.D.s Top Ten Homocore Hit Parade Tape which featured songs by The Apostles, Academy 23, and No Brain Cells from the UK, Fifth Column from Canada, Bomb and Nicki Parasite (of The Parasites) from the U.S., and Gorse from New Zealand.