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Slightly funny ancient punk history and gossip...

-Cute story I told Alan and he suggested adding here-

In 1980, Bruce LaBruce put the song "Be A Fag" from my band Bomb on the J.D.s zine cassette comp J.D.s Top Ten Homocore Hit Parade Tape, with permission (Tom Jennings and Deke Nihilson had written Bomb up in "Homocore" zine, and Bruce found us from that).

However, Bruce later used the song without permission during the end credits of his film No Skin Off My Ass. When I found out I asked him if we were going to get any money (the film made a good bit of scratch in home VHS rental and theatre showings). He said, "Michael, money in film is like sex with a gay man. If youdon't get anything in the front, you don't get anything in the rear."

I stole that line, changed "film" to "music", and used it in my first novel, Starving in the Company of Beautiful Women, without attribution.

It's the only time I've out and out stolen a line from anyone, but I figured it was due.

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