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Zip was a science fiction fanzine by Ted White.

Ted White, for Science Fiction Five Yearly #6, of November 1976, writes about his first fanzine; "Although I'd yet to see my first fanzine in the fall of 1951, I was already considering the idea of putting one out...I daydreamed my fanzine while mowing lawns or bicycling to and from school... I well remember the day -- a hot sunny afternoon in August -- when I suddenly decided not to wait any longer but to start work on my fanzine. It was like a mystical experience and marked a profound turning point in my life...In August of 1953 I put out my own fanzine. It was called ZIP, it was 4" x 6" in size, and...the product of a non-precocious 15-year-old."

Published in Falls Church, Virginia, U.S.A., 7 issues of Zip came out until White took on co-editor Larry Stark and together they renamed the fanzine Stellar.

Zip #1 featured art by Ted White, Bob Clayton, and Joe Gilbert.

Issue two included reprints from Helios, Scientifantasy, and Unique, as well as contributions from Warren Freiberg and Ted White.

Issue three included articles and columns by G.M. Carr (Cry of the Nameless), John Fletcher, Warren Freiberg, Ray Thompson (Eclipse), Bob Tucker (Le Zombie), and Don Wegars. Contributors of fiction included Jacob Edwards, among others.

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