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Issue 8 July 1976
Cover art by Stuart Glazebrook

TARDIS was a fanzine published in London, UK, devoted to the television series Dr. Who.

First published in Spring 1975 by Andrew Johnson, the first issue of TARDIS featured a tribute to William Hartnell, an interview with Terry Nation and an article on The Six Million Dollar Man.

The second issue, published in November, came with the announcement that Johnson was handing TARDIS over to contributor Gordon Blowes. The second issue featured cover art by Andrew' Johnson and an interview with screenwriter Malcolm Hulke by Gordon Blowes.

Contributors of art work included Stuart Glazebrook, among others. Contributors of photographs included Stephen Payne, and Jan Vincent-Rudzki, among others. Contributors of writing included Jeremy Betham, Gordon Blowes, Geraint Jones, Jeanette Napier, Jan Vincent-Rudzki, and Martin Wiggins, among others.

With issue 7 from May 1976, TARDIS became the fanzine for the Dr. Who Appreciation Society. The various editors from 1976 till the 1990s included Ann O'Neill (The Visitor), Geraldine Landen, Stephen Payne, Paul Mark Tams, David Farkil, Geraldine Landen, and Richard Walter.

Contributors of writing included Pam Baddeley, Stephen Birchard, Neil Blomley, Gordon Blowes, Alec Charles (Aggedor), John Connors, Kevin Davies, Tim Dollin, Chris Dunk, Steven Evans, Gavin French, Sean Gibbons, Paul Hickling, Martin Holmes, Bill Hope, Andrew James, Geraint Jones, John Keung, Richard Landen, Howard Langford, Joe Latham, Chris Marton, Ian K. McLachlan, Colin Midlane, Paul Mount, Stephen Murphy, Thomas Noonan, Barbara O'Quinn, John Peel, Richard J. Price, David Rowe, Gordon Roxburgh, Gary Russell, David Saunders, Alan Smith, Owen Tudor, Jan Vincent-Rudzki, Richard Walter, Gordon Webster, and Martin Wiggins.

Contributors of fan fiction included David Auger, Steven Evans, Geraint Jones, Gordon Lawson, Stephen Murphy, John Peel, Geoffrey Saunders, Robert Taylor, and Martin Wiggins.

Art work was contributed by Ronald Binnie, Tony Clark, Paul Cockburn, Matthew Cramer, Stuart Glazebrook, Gordon Langden, Andrew Martin, Susan Moore, Tim Pieraccini, Paul Stephen Smith, Paul Mark Tams, and Michael Walker. Photographs were contributed by Peter Davison, and Sarah Sutton.

Comic strips were contributed by Raymond Bushby, Paul Cockburn, Stephen Crooks with Paul Hickling, Kevin Davies, Don Gerhart, and Richard Starkings.

Writing from TARDIS, along with fanzines such as Burnt Toast, Enlightenment, The Whostorian Quarterly, and others, appear in the fanzine anthology, Time Unincorporated 2: The Doctor Who Fanzine Archives, edited by Graeme Burk and Robert Smith, and published by Mad Norwegian Press in 2010.

Editor Ann O'Neill also published the fanzine The Visitor.