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Su Mwamba is a mail artist and zinester living in Derby, United Kingdom. She spends her life being side-tracked by various & random creative diversions such as DIY crafts, faux postage, & fairy tales, and her zines are an ever-evolving reflection of that. Although primarily an outlet for Su's own creative endeavors, later zines also include contributions from fellow artists, writers and zinesters, including Diane Gilleland and Penelope Harris.

Su self-publishes under the imprint of The Tangled Press, a name derived from her TangleCrafts blog. Later issues & reprints of the Enchanted Times are released under the imprint of E. T. Printworks. All TangleCrafts zines are printed on recycled paper or paper from renewable sources, usually in very small print runs. Below is a selective zinography, excluding some mini-zines which were never widely distributed.



Craft Leftovers Monthly by Kristin Roach
March 2009 - How to Weave on Anything DIY weaving tutorial/loom cards
Summer 2010 - A postal travel kit/mail art feature article
August 2010 - A feature article about zines & zinemaking plus reprint of ZineBomb mini-zine
September 2010 - Two projects reprinted from the Borrowers Zine: Make your own Matchbox, Make A Borrower's Rug (cross stitch pattern)
October 2010 - An interview with Su Mwamba, an introduction to Tangledom plus a reprint of the very first TangleCrafts mini-zine, Small Ways to Save the World
November 2010 - Mulberry Jam recipe (reprinted from Mulberry Digest Dreamtime Edition)
March 2011 - A Bowlful of Crafting feature article
A Handmade Life #5 by Robin O. Mayberry
October 2010 - A to-do list page, plus an exclusive Mulberry Digest story about the evolution/creation of TangleCrafts' zines

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