Borrowed Time

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Borrowed Time by Su Mwamba

Borrowed Time is an 8 page micro-zine by Su Mwamba, released February 2012 as part of a membership packet for the fictional Society for the Preservation of Borrowers. The zine is a guide for human beans who wish to support the continued co-existence of humans with Borrowers in the 21st century. The zine is inspired by Mary Norton's series of books about the Borrowers.

Printed on recycled paper, Borrowed Time measures just half the size of a standard mini-zine, approx. 5.25 x 7.5cm. The text was created using an A5 page template then reduced in scale to Borrower proportions. Although readable by the naked eye, magnification is advised. The Bibliography and Extended Editorial listed below previously appeared in the Borrowers Zine written by Su Mwamba in 2009.

EDITORIAL: Like Bread's for Butter - an examination of contemporary Borrower lifestyle & dangers such as the growing number of illegal Borrower farms
BIBLIOGRAPHY: a Borrowed chronology - a listing of Borrowers as they have featured in literature, beginning with the Lilliputians
EXTENDED EDITORIAL: Do you believe in Borrowers? - a feature article covering the Borrowers' links to Lilliputian ancestry, references to Borrowers in literature, advice on living in harmony with Borrowers, plus a summary of the likelihood of Borrower colonisation in your own home
MISSION STATEMENT: the SpoB membership manifesto, with space for the recipient to sign if in agreement with the manifesto's terms

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