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Sol Rising is the newsmagazine of the Friends of the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy.

Sol Rising was first published in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in January 1987. It reports on news in the sf community, and includes interviews, reviews, lists of science fiction published in Canada, and also the news pertaining to the Merril Collection, gifted by science fiction writer and fanzine editor Judith Merril (Temper!, Science*Fiction) in 1976 to the Toronto Public Library.

Sol Rising won the Aurora Award for Best Fanzine for the years 1992, edited that year by Larry Hancock, and for 1997, edited that year by Theresa Wojtasiewicz .

Laura Toolis is Head of the Collection, and the editorial for #1 is written by her. Larry Hancock was introduced as editor of Sol Rising with the June 1989 issue #3. There was no announcement in the publication, but at some time in the 1990s, Theresa Wojtasiewicz became editor, followed by Liam Corkery Hustins, and then Sabrina Fried.

Contributors include Edo von Belkom, Gordon Black, Ted Brown, John Robert Columbo, Cory Doctorow, Candas Jane Dorsey, John Dunham, Jamie Fraser, Sabrina Fried, Matthew Friedman, Mici Gold, Kathryn Grimbly-Bethke, Jody Hancock, Larry Hancock, Janet Hetherington, Don Hutchison (Macabre), Robert Lesser, Michael Moorcock (A Fanzine Called Eustace, Typo), Dennis Mullin, David Nickle, Andrea Paradis, Jim Pattison, Lorraine Pooley, Kevin E. Prouix, Sharon Reine, Spider Robinson, Esther Rochon, Robert J. Sawyer, Allison M. Scott, Rebecca M. Senese, Mark Shainblum, Michael Skeet (MLR, Torus), Vicki So, Keith Soltys, Hugh Spencer, Jane Starr, Jean-Louis Trudel, Dr. Allan Weiss, Toni Weisskopf, Lucy White, Theresa Wojtasiewicz, and Aaron Alan Yorgason.

Interviews are with Glen Cook, Hal Clement, OMNI editor Ellen Datlow, Ed Greenwood, Robert Hadj, editor of Borderland, Tanya Huff, Marian Hughes, Don Hutchison, Judith Merril, John Millard, member of First Fandom, Dr. Elizabeth Miller, Dennis Mullin (Starsongs), Jeanne Robinson, Spider Robinson, Michael Rowe, Robert Sawyer, Sean Stewart, and Karen Wehrstein.

Letters came from Mike Glicksohn (Energumen, Xenium), among others.

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