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Issue 3

Pawholes was a personal and music zine published by Deborah Barkun and Keren Kurti in Pittsburgh, PA starting in 1991 and continuing for at least six issues.

Topics include feminism, music (#2 has an interview with Rachel McNally, drummer of Sleepyhead, #5 interviews Azalia Snail, Mudwimmin, and Ann Rupel and Zeena Parkins of No Safety), abortion, and breasts.

Zines reviewed in issues 2 and 3 included Sourpuss, Hungry Girl, Out, Damn Spot, 10 Things, No Duh, Girl Cola, Ghoti, Street Beat, No Sanctuary, Chainsaw, Guerita, Information Panic, Second Guess, Emergency Broadcast System, Madwoman, a Paul Weinman zine, and Speed Kills.

In an interview with Chip Rowe for Zinebook, Barkun said the name "Pawholes" was inspired by an incident in which she was pawed by a guy who ripped enlarged holes in her jeans.

Excerpts from Pawholes were published in A Girl's Guide to Taking over the World: Writings from the Girl Zine Revolution edited by Tristan Taormino and Karen Green and The Book of Zines edited by Chip Rowe.

Copies of Pawholes are in the collections of Duke University, the GLBT Historical Society of Northern California, University of Miami, Denver Zine Library, DePaul University, and Smith College.

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