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Paul Weinman (April 11, 1940 - July 11, 2015) was a writer, poet, teacher and zine publisher. He was active in zine publishing from the mid-1980s through the 1990s.

Many of his zines and poems involved the character White boy.

He published a large number of zines including:

  • White boy finds warts in the dessert
  • White boy's asparagus thicker than a man's
  • White boy gets an abortion
  • If white boy can't say yes to censorship, how can I?
  • 3 poets, 1 bed / Paul Weinman, Mary Panza, Richard Darrigo.
  • Banana strangles victim

He donated many of his zines to SUNY Buffalo's library.

Paul passed away after having had Alzheimer's Disease.

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