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The Glovebox Chronicles, 'stories about cars by a bunch of people who don't seem to like them', is a zine by Davida Gypsy Breier.

Breier says on the website, " If you have ever driven a car, taken a road trip, cursed the inventor of the combustible engine or given your car a stupid name, then The Glovebox Chronicles is for you". The first issue was released in the 1990's and the most recent issue published, number eight, came out in 2001. Number nine is an on-line only issue. Each issue contained fourty pages of stories and artwork. Past contributors to the zine have included noted zinesters Suzanne Baumann, Jeff Chapman of Infiltration, Alden Scott Crow, Bobby Tran Dale, Gregory Hischak of Farm Pulp, Violet Jones of Death Ship, Kathy Moseley of SemiBold, Androo Robinson of Ped Xing Comics, and Donny Smith of Dwan.

Davida Gypsy Breier is also the publisher of Leeking Ink and Xerography Debt.

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