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SemiBold is a personal zine published by Kathy Moseley since 1996. Ten issues have been published, the most recent one appearing in late 2010. It chronicled her battles with Crohn's Disease and recovering from surgery.

Most issues were digest size or half-legal, varying between 12 and 36 pages, covering aspects of Kathy's life in Chicago.

The first issue was listed as an "Editor's Choice" in Factsheet 5.

Example: In issue #6 Kathy tells of her brush with doctors. She has double vision and no one knows why. In "Go! Or Seven Daze in New York" she travels to New York City where she has her photo taken in front of Tom's Restaurant, the facade used in the 'Seinfeld' television show. Then Kathy's NYC friend, Patricia, rounds out the zine with her trip to see Kathy in her home of Chicago.