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Beer Powered Bicycle is a zine based out of Austin, Texas and later Portland, OR. Written mainly while drunk with no editing, the author wrote about things he knew: bikes, being drunk, going to rock and roll shows, and politics.

The complete Beer Powered Bicycle zineography includes:

BPB #1: Lookin' at the world from a lonestar state of mind--Zack's self-concious narrative style details the zine's beginnings.

BPB #2: Dangerous things to do--this very hard to find all-comic zine was derived from a list that appeared in Webly Bowles's zine Fun in a Bucket.

BPB #3: Welcome to texas--furthered the self-referential, audience inclusion style of the zine.

BPB #4: (subtitles were dropped at this point)--introduced Zack's first hand-drawn cover, and took on issues like depression and cyclists killed by motorists. This was also the first Portland-based copy of the zine.

BPB #5--This issue was the dimensions of a mass-market paperback, and integrated comics with short, personal narratives.

BPB #7--advanced the visual-oriented design side of the zine, while the author still worked hard to produce good, engaging writing. This issue included three snippets of poetry, each titled "little things' integrated into the rest of the writing.

BPB Apocrypha--is a one-off that's hard to find. It does not bear an issue number,and it is 4.25x5.5, and printed across the page.

BPB author Zack wrote another zine with Oona and Antonio, Three Sheets to the Wind (3sttw). 3sttw was featured in Jen Angel's Zine Yearbook for Oona's story about pregnancy.

3sttw and Beer Powered Bicycle enjoyed some commercial success at Reading Frenzy. Beer Powered Bicycle has been favorably recieved and/ or reviewed by various readers, including: Cindy Gretchen Ovenrack Crabb from Doris, Chloe Eudaly from Reading Frenzy, Pete Jordan from Dishwasher, and Reverend Norb. The title 'Beer Powered Bicycle' was used in a undergraduate thesis in linguistics on zines by Stephanie Stanbro at Texas A&M University.

Beer Powered Bicycle now lives online as an easy-to-find blog.