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Issue 1 1950

Aleph-Null was a science fiction fanzine by Bill Venable, published in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A.

Arthur H. Rapp was responsible for mimoegraphing Aleph-Null.

Two issues were distributed: the first in August 1950, with the second following in September 1950.

The first issue contained poetry by Alfred Machado Jr. and Venable; fiction by Manly Banister (The Nekromantikon); an article by Kenneth J. Krueger (Space Trails, Abortions); and more.

The second issue contained poetry by Raymond L. Clancy, Burton Lawrence, and Venable; fiction by Art Rapp (Spacewarp, The National Fantasy Fan) and Manly Banister; Letters from Clancy and others; and more.

Artwork was provided by Margaret Dominick (DEA), John Grossman, Venable, and others.

Bill Venable also published The Pendulum.