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Seagull was a science fiction fanzine by Rosemary Pardoe (then Rosemary Nicholls).

Seagull was published in the UK in the late 1960s, and distributed by the Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association. 16 issues were released between Spring 1969 and 1971. Issue 13 was called Kadath.

Contributors of fiction included Nigel Haslock, and Bram Stokes.

Contributors of articles included Mike Ashley, Graham Boak (Badinage), Ken Cheslin (Les Spinge), Mike Gutteridge, and Rosemary Pardoe.

Issue 1 was published in 1969, and reviewed in Checkpoint #3. Peter Roberts says, "Like most first issue, Seagull 1 is something of a mixture...Anyways, it's always a pleasure to see a new fanzine and Seagull may well develop into something if the editor asserts her individuality."

Issue 2 was also released in 1969, and reviewed in Checkpoint 8 & 9. Roberts writes: "Another one of those curious British fanzines which contain a complete mixture of articles, fiction, chatter and odds & ends -- rather like a cross between SoNF and Crabapple". Roberts doesn't approve of this type of fanzine, but goes on to concede, "Still, Seagull 2 looks better and is better than the first issue..."