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Rev. Randall Tin-Ear was the publisher of the defunct Angry Thoreauan from Hollywood, CA. He was a quite vocal fixture in the zine community throughout the 1990s, as well as the LA lit and punk scenes. His writing has appeared in many prominent zines, including Flipside, dishwasher, Ben Is Dead, Hit List, Panik, and Maximum Rock 'N' Roll. His work has also appeared in Sabotage in The American Workplace, the Some Zines endeavor (Prof. Tom Trusky) and a couple of other books.

After a four-year stint in New York, Rev. Tin-Ear moved back to Los Angeles and returned to being plain old Randall Fleming. He is publishing books and literary rags under Metropolis Hopper. BrickBat Revue is his irregular endeavor these days. A broadsheet format, it covers the poetry as well as a wee bit of the visual arts scene of Los Angeles on a quarterly basis.

He no longer hangs round New York airports getting arrested by sundry constabularies; the ban on liquids makes it hard to take on board the single malt scotch he prefers. As we all know, the airlines only provide conservative shots, in plastic, of blended.



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