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Factory Direct was an art zine from New Orleans. It was written by Jamie Schweser, Abram Shalom Himelstein and Asia Wong and lasted for eight issues.

The zine's publisher was Jamie and Abram’s New Mouth from the Dirty South. It had an art envelope which was done by a different artist for each issue. There were three zines in each issue, one made by Jamie, Asia or Abram.

The first envelope contained Factory Direct 1, Notta Lotta Love Stories, the tale of John W.T.O. and the cover art was that stuck to the envelopes was an original love letter by Asia Wong. 300 copies were made in total. The second envelope had Factory Direct #2; Rocket Queen; Emergency #3. Cover print by Merry Death. The third issue envelope had an audio-zine by Michelle Glaw, a story-zine by Melissa Klein, a story-zine by Al Burian and a photo-zine by Abram Himelstein. The envelope art was by Icky Apparatus. The fourth Factory Direct contained Fables and Hooshla #1. The cover art was by Asia. The fifth issue had articles on money and manliness and was presented with the zines Clowns Make Good Watchdogs #1; S.K.A.M. #7, Found #1-1/4. Factory Direct #6 was sold with Emergency #4; writings by Jeri Cain Rossi and an audiotape and cover art by Kyle Bravo.

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