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Zack Hyde (b. 8/8/1972) first co-created Three Sheets to the Wind with Oona Moon Horton and Antonio Gonzalez in 1997. Then went on to write Beer Powered Bicycle from Austin TX, until 1998, when he re-located to Portland, OR. BPB has existed sporadically since, and now primarily exists in web form at beerpoweredbicycle dot blogspot dot com. Zack has contributed to Joe Biel's zine Mullet and borrowed heavily from Alex Wrekk's zine Fun in a Bucket for BPB #2. Zack and Joe also co-wrote a one-shot, Mediocre Punk House.

Zack has also written numerous stickers for Microcosm Publishing. These works include:

  • "Hate driving in traffic: You are traffic!"
  • "Underpaid? Underwork!"
  • "Wal-Mart: Minimum wage for the whole community"
  • "That environmental sticker doesn't mean shit stuck to that car"
  • "Something in your living room wants all of your money"

Zack's first book, 'The Landscape Painter: and other stories' was published by Oyster Publications, run by Lainie Duro (of Banal Probe zine). Oyster Publications is also Ben Weasel's publisher.