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Wayne Davidson is a musician, music label owner, radio announcer and occasional zine maker from Australia.

In 1988 he founded the TOYTOWN music label which brought together artists from around the world from independent labels such as K Records, Bi-Joopiter, Spit and a Half and many more. Wayne released cassette albums of his bands The Wash Daddies and Stinky Fire Engine as well as albums by The Cat's Miaow, Crabstick, The Hanshalf Trio, The Ah Club, Sukpatch, Mesmo, Blairmailer, Kittycraft and others. He has also musically contributed to songs by The Cannanes, Bart & Friends and the Hanshalf Trio.

Wayne edited the zine Her Majesty the Stamp as an accompianiment to TOYTOWN compilation cassettes, followed by King Sid (1989) and the music zine Mnemonic Hi-Fi in 1996. In between he contributed to zines such as Distant Violins, Campfire, Nancy's Magazine, Salty & Delicious, Chickfactor, Spammy, Tiki News, Abatoir, The Harvey, Zeeeeen and others.



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