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Distant Violins, created by David Nichols, was a music fanzine from Melbourne, Australia. Primarily a print zine it also ran to cassette editions throughout it's run. Stylistically it included hand-drawn headlines, comic strips and cut-and-paste stories.

Featured are gig and record reviews, articles, and band interviews with a strong focus on, but not limited to, Australia post-punk and new wave music. Issue number 1 from July 1982 included an interview with The Moodists. Issue 2 in August 1982 included an interview with The Fall. Over the years Distant Violins interviewed artists such as The Birthday Party, Hunters and Collectors, The Go-Betweens, The Church, The Triffids, Plays with Marionettes, The Reels, Epic Soundtracks, MEO245, David Chesworth and People With Chairs Up Their Noses, to name a few.

Editions were published over the next decade with the last edition being #28 in 1991.