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Issue 19
Cover by Pete Young

Tortoise is a perzine by Sue Jones, published in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK.

The first issue of Tortoise was released in August 1998. As of Spring 2006, 22 issues had appeared.

Although Tortoise is a perzine, it circulates within the science fiction fanzine community. Each issue is themed. Included are articles, fanzine reviews, a large letters column, and of course art work, since Sue Jones is an artist.

Contributors of writing include Andrew Butler, Graham Higgins, Kevon Kenna, and Theo Ross.

Contributors of artwork include Jae Leslie Adams (Wabe), and Pete Young (Zoo Nation).

Letters come from Lloyd Penney (Torus), among others.

Paul Kincaid, in his review of issue 2, writes, "Sue's writing is warm and involving, though there are times when you cry out for more detail... But there is, underlying it, a delightful whiff of the bizarre, such as the passing reference: 'No Real Martians on Real Mars: what does this mean for Imaginary Martians?', or, even better, the wonderfully idiosyncratic article 'Encs' about a superior Victorian ink that drove mice crazy. This is about as imaginative a piece as you will find in any of these fanzines. And isn't imagination why we're all here?"

Alison Scott, in her review of issue 8, writes, "Tortoise is a terrific perzine; get it if you can..."

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