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Issue #6, 1991
Cover by Marvin

Si-Kartuun was a comic fanzine from Siegen in Germany. Starting in the late eighties ten issues of Si-Kartuun have been published until 1994. The fanzine was published and co-edited by a collective of comic artists. Amongst others: Matthias Langer, Björn Hammel, Michael Groenewald and Eugen Keck.

Issue #5 and #6 was a split-issue (DIN A4, 104 pages, b/w).

Issue #6: Contributors of comic stories and comic related art work included Marvin, who did also the cover art work, Björn Hammel, PeKa, Anton Atzenhofer, Thomas Zydek (Schwarzmarkt, Comic Trash) with a 4 page comic story "Milkmen", Eckard Schneider, Olaf Thiede, Franz Stummer, Christian Huth, Eugen Keck, Axel Meyer, Georg Barber, Ol Schwarzbach, Haggi, Björn Laser, Michael Groenewald, Dorgathen, Hansi Kiefersauer.

Issue #10 (DIN A4, 72 pages, b/w) was published in 1994 with contributions by Marcus Frede, Oliver Ferreira, Anton Atzenhofer, Thom, Maura, Heinz Wolf, Kabel Kain, Eckart Schneider, Hannes Neubauer, Marcel Ruyters (Comic Trash), Andreas Keiser, Nicolas Mahler, Marc Herolds, Esjottes, Christian Huth, Gabriel Nemeth, Stefan Neuwinger, Boris Tschuschnjak, Alex Macartney, Markus Huber, Rautie, Detlef Surrey, Christian Moser, Nabiel Kanan, Stefan Dinter, Steffen Haas, Dice and Peter Schaaff/Jürgen Raatz.

Issues of Si-Kartuun are included in the collection of the St. Patrick's Zine Library.

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