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Seamonsters was a science fiction fanzine edited by Simone Walsh.

Seamonsters was published in London, England, in the 1970s. Four issues appeared, the first issue in August 1978, #2 in November 1978, #3 in March 1979, and the last in August 1979.

Contributors of writing included Chris Atkinson (Start Breaking Up), Alan Dorey (Vector), Bryn Fortey, Ron Hansen (Epsilon), Ann Looker, Dave Pringle, and Don West.

The zine featured three regular columns; "Billy the Squid" by Greg Pickersgill, a column called "Condom" by Chris Priest, and Simone Walsh's own column.

Contributors of art work included Harry Bell (Grimwab) and Rob Hansen.

At the same time as Seamonsters was being published, Simone Walsh was also writing a regular column for Greg Pickersgill's Stop Breaking Down.

Seamonsters was the winner of the Nova Award for Best Fanzine in 1979.