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Sarah Rose is a zinester from the U.S.A.

Sarah Rose is the editor of the now defunct review zine Zinetopia. She was also responsible for Crushpuppy and Worries: Ridiculous Crap that Makes e Anxious, both 24 hour hour zines. Tazewells Favorite Eccentric is her main project, something she has been writing sporadically since age 15.

Sarah has contributed to zines such as Excerpts from Perzines, The F-Bomb, and participated in the 2006 Zinester Podcasts as well as Postage Paid Podcast, a project she works with Sage Adderley on.

After moving to Philadelphia in 2010, Sarah became heavily involved with the Philly zine scene, co-organizing the 2011 Philadelphia Zine Fest and buying zines for Wooden Shoe Books and Records.

In January of 2012, Sarah started "Once Upon A Distro".




piratesarah (at) gmail (dot) com

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