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Issue 6 January-February 1969
Cover art by Vaughn Bode

Perihelion was a science fiction fanzine by Sam Bellotto, Jr. and Eric M. Jones.

Published in Elmhurst, New York, U.S.A., Perihelion was originally titled Seldon Seen (named for the Issac Asimov hero Hari Seldon ) for the first two issues. The first issue was released April 1967, the next in July-August 1967. Both were mimeographed, but after the name change it was offset printed and 5 more issues appeared, with the last issue, #7, published in Summer 1969. For issue 7, Christine Giglio was Associate Editor.

Contributors of fiction to Seldon Seen included Sam Bellotto, Jr., Stephen Eber, Allen M. Rolnick, Emile Bradley Smith, and Ron Woronov. Articles were by Allan Asherman. Comic strips were by Hatfield. The cover photo was by Eric M. Jones.

For Perihelion, the contributors of fiction included Allan Asherman, Cheikh Z. Babou, Sam Bellotto, Jr., David R. Bunch, Stephen Eber, Gregory FitzGerald, Eric M. Jones, John Kardoss, Dean Koontz (SF Opinion), with the story "A Face In The Belly", Evelyn Lief, Phillip Margulies, Allen M. Rolnick, Robert E. Toomey (Science Fiction Five Yearly), and Gilbert Young.

Contributors of articles to Perihelion included Allan Asherman, Yonah Aharon, Sam Bellotto, Jr., Eric M. Jones, Irwin Stevenson, and Robert E. Toomey.

Columns for Perihelion were contributed by Kenneth Scott.

Poetry for Perihelion was contributed by Christine Giglio, and Lesley Sussman.

Comic strips for Perihelion were contributed by Sam Bellotto, Jr. with Hatfield, Vaughn Bode, James Maddalena, and William Stillwell.

Contributors of art work for Perihelion included Vaughn Bode, Derek Carter, Eric M. Jones, and Jeff Jones, among others.

Letters came from Eddy C. Bertin (Dunwich Dreams), and Ted White (Egoboo), among others.