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Cover art by Richard Delap

Pegasus was a science fiction fanzine by Joanne Burger.

Pegasus was published in the late 1960s and early 1970s in Lake Jackson, Texas, U.S.A. The first issue appeared in May 1968; issue 4 was released March 1969; #5 in August 1969; #6 in December 1969; and issue 7, perhaps the last issue, released in February 1971.

Artwork was by Joanne Burger, Ruth Burger, Richard Delap, Agnes Matula, Darrell Schweitzer and Joe Zalabak. Richard Delap did a silkscreen cover in dayglo ink for one issue.

Fiction was contributed by Lisa Tuttle (Mathom).

Articles were by Gerald Bishop, Joanne Burger, G.M. Carr (Cry of the Nameless), Richard Delap, Darrell Schweitzer, and Lisa Tuttle.

Letters came from Piers Anthony, Gerald Bishop, Fritz Leiber, Phil Muldowney (Vector), and Mary Reed (Crabapple), among others.

Joanne Burger was one of the founders of the Houston Science Fiction Society, established with H.H. Hollis, Joseph F. Pumilia, Lisa Tuttle, and Bill Wallace in 1969, of which Joanne Burger was the first President. Later in the 1970s, Joanne Burger was also one of the editors of The National Fantasy Fan.