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Musea is a small Dallas, Texas zine published monthly since September 1992 by Tom Hendricks. It's stated goal is to support the best of all indie art and media and oppose the abuses of corporate art. It includes reviews, art discussions, and often, articles about the problems with music and other forms of art and media being controlled by about ten conglomerates. Musea generally favors independent, local music and art. It also includes original writings, art, and music by the author. The 150th issue was released in June '06

Musea has published the following chapbooks: Art Revolutionary's Handbook,Portraits, Moon Tea, Invaders, All About Nothing, Rating the 60's Concerts, The Philosopher, The Best of Musea - The First 50 Issues, Library Planet, 100 Pieces of the Moon, The Sayings of Editor Art, Cendrillon, and Musea: The Best of the First 150 Issues.

Musea has started the Zine Hall of Fame, with 9 groups of inductees over the years.

Musea also has numerous art guides on the website for best films, best novels, best poets, best painters, best tv comedies, best playrights, and more.

Musea is known for its weekly e-mail club messages, and its weekly art contest postings.

Contributors to Musea have included writers such as Zebulon Nebula and Alden Scott Crow. Contributors of art work have included Brad Foster, among others.

Hendricks has started the Musea Review Service that will review everything sent to him for a small processing fee, although apparently little has been sent in.

Musea also owns a small indie record company, with 2 CD releases from Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar - '30', and 'Next'. Plus there are assorted MP3's on the Musea website, and on the Hunkasaurus website, for free downloads.

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