The Best of Musea - The First 50 Issues

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The Best of Musea - The First 50 Issues, is a 250 page chapbook by Tom Hendricks and published by the zine Musea. This anthology of reprints from Musea was a zine, a collection of essays, a manifesto of the Art Revolution, an expose of the media, a short story anthology, a poetry chapbook, a picture book, a handbook of sayings, a treatise on corporate art, a cartoon book, a guidebook to a 100 of the most fascinating zines in the US, a book of letters, a directory to the arts in Dallas, a catalogue, and a news survey of art and artists of the period from 1992-1996. Fifteen copies of the big anthology, with typewriter size pages, were printed in a comb binding on Janurary 21, 1997.