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Tom Hendricks is a Dallas-based musician, painter, writer, and creator of the zine Musea.

Musea began in September 1992 and has been published most months since. It's goal is to celebrate the best of indie art and media while opposing the growing consolidation of corporate art and media into ever fewer conglomerates. The 150th issue of Musea was released in June '06.

As a musician and a composer of 1300 songs plus, Hendricks has released two cd's: '30', 'Next'. Both have been released under the name Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar. Both are recorded in a new post-bands style of music that is voice and guitar only. Pet Dog Guitar is a 1964 Silvertone standard guitar. H and PD claim to perform the worlds first and only Box Office Concerts - mini concerts from the Inwood Theater Box Office in between selling tickets, in Dallas, Texas.

As a painter Hendricks has done over 2,600 works: portraits, landscapes, still-lifes, abstracts, illustrations, and more. He also is the creator of the conceptual art event of 1/08/02 that suggested an end to Modern Art abuses and a new art movement to replace it, titled, "The Last Minute of Modern Art".

As a writer Hendricks is not only the editor of Musea, but has written poems - invented the Quatro a new type of poem - plays, novels, short stories, and essays. He has also written numerous art guides to films, novels, tv comedies, etc.

In January 1996, Hendricks began the Musea Zine Hall of Fame. It now has 67 inductees.

Hendricks is the "Cultural Affairs" editor of the Underground Literary Alliance.



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