Musea: The Best of the First 150 Issues

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Musea: The Best of the First 150 Issues, is not only issue #151 of the zine Musea but it is a chapbook that surveys the best of each of the earlier 150 issues. A limited edition of one hundred and fifty copies, one for each past issue, was printed on September 6, 2006. Ten of those had special, better quality covers with two having sepia photos like the original cover photograph. The 30 page tome summarizes every monthly issue of Musea from #1 printed in September of 1992 to issue #150. Plus it talks about all the chapbooks, recordings, and other special Musea projects. The author calls this issue, 'a zine clip show', a 'brief history of a zine', or 'the first years of an attempted art revolution'. The cover shows a photo of the "Queen of Musea'.