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Mujinga is a zinester who has an eponymous perzine and also releases other zines on a range of subjects.

As part of the Groene Voltage social centre in Rotterdam, Mujinga maintained a zine library with over 200 zines. The centre was evicted in 2009 (see the pamphlet Groene Voltage by the Needle Collective). The infoshop lived on for a while at the Poortgebouw. The zine library then moved to Brighton and is now boxed up.

You can pick up mujinga zines at quality infoshops, various points around the internets or set up a trade direct.

Some zines are or have been distributed by sticky, SQ, the cowley club bookshop, punker bunker, dave's comics (although they don't really dig zines), hoojemapflap and erode...


  • May 2015: Looking forward to talking at the Zine Camp Rotterdam
  • 2011: Brighton Zinefest
  • 2010: Hopefully the inventory of the library will be online again soon...
  • 2010: Brighton Zinefest
  • 2009: Brighton Zinefest
  • May 2009: I am playing on my freecycled photocopier.
  • March 09: mujinga11 and itchy feet are finding their way into uncharted mailboxes...
  • Jan 2008: Mujinga12 is finished and i'm busy making minizines.
  • July 2007: Mujinga13 is finished and i'm making issues three and four of a zine entitled Using Space




Cover of Alt.Rotter
  • Alt.Rotter
  • (Izzybio and Mujinga) Make Wishes
  • My Addictive Personality
  • People I Hate
  • The Fairy Godmother (by Izzybio and Mujinga)
  • Things I Miss About You
  • Why Do I Feel So Fucked Up?

Contributions to other zines

Published elsewhere (out of date)

  • Six o'clock Old Town Square on The Underground Literary Adventures blog 2004
  • Positive ID and When Hitler had Kittens in WritersNet Anthology of Prose: Fiction edited by Gary Kessler
  • When Hitler had Kittens in a pamphlet published as the British Czech and Slovak Association Essay Competition 2005

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