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Mujinga logo

Mujinga is a perzine that was begun in 2002.

It commenced with issue 23 and the editor, Mujinga, is slowly counting down to issue zero. A typical issue contains a range of things which may include essays, reviews, artwork, short fiction, rants or the occasional haiku. All issues are photocopied in black and white and tend to be 24 pages and A5 sized. Information on issues 23 to 17 is scarce because Mujinga burnt all his remaining copies when he moved from the Czech Republic to the Netherlands in 2003.

The first issue was inspired by the Leeds punk zine Reason To Believe, as well as the info shop at Cafe Utopia in Prague. Issues tend to contain short stories, reviews and articles about topics such as veganism, activism, cats and bicycle maintenance.


Mujinga 23

The initial zine was composed of among other things an essay about the failures of modern economics and a discussion of the usefulness of hemp.

Mujinga 22

No details available.

Mujinga 21

This zine was released both in paper format and online as an ASCII text zine. It can accessed here. It features a report from an activist called Paolo who visited Palestine, interviews with people from tekno sound systems Panik, ZMK and TDK and a short fiction piece called Positive ID.

The cover of Mujinga 16

Mujinga 20

This was the veganism issue. It featured articles about being vegan, being a vegan in the Czech Republic, vegan dogs and vegan cats.

Mujinga 19

This issue featured (among other things) photographs from Czechtek.

Mujinga 18

No details available.

Mujinga 17

No details available.

The cover of Mujinga 13

Mujinga 16

This zine contains a story called The State of Doldrum about a talking cat, a story called The Tale of Ripley about a psychopathic homeless person of confused gender living in New York and an interview with Green Smatroll, which is ska group from the Czech Republic.

Mujinga 15

This zine was produced in a edition of two. It was composed of a long review section which turned into a discussion of lucid dreaming, a tribute to the hooded tops Mujinga has owned, a fiction piece called The Gift and photographs of people who lived in the Coppens squat in Rotterdam.

Mujinga 14

This zine was created on a photocopier at the Coppens squat. It featured fotos of the people and animals living there, an experimental story called Leather and Corduroy, a comedic guide to drugs 'made by a user' and a collage of stickers made by people who had an atelier at Coppens.

The cover of Mujinga 12

Mujinga 13

This issue (July 2007) features an extended rant about living in Rotterdam, reviews of zines and music and an interview with Dutch breakcore producer and DJ FFF.

Mujinga 12

The rather postponed Mujinga 12 was photocopied in January 2008. Owing to a disagreement in the copy shop with a rather rude owner and incompetent staff, only ten issues were copied. The zine is A5 sized as normal but is 56 pages in length, about double the normal number.

It features an interview with Ronin from Headfuk soundsystem (the publisher of Rupture), musings on getting older as an activist, artwork, reviews and two short stories, entitled 'The Streets' and 'After All This Time'.

Mujinga 11

Produced in time for the 2009 Brighton Zinefest. Features a blue card cover and articles on Danish cinema and self-immolation.

Mujinga 10

The cover of Mujinga 10

Made for the June Brighton Zinesocial (2010, I think). The articles are regarding zinefests this year (called the summer of page) and 'The persistent problem of the anti-germans rears its ugly head again'. There's a Frenchtek fundraiser review and a tale from grandad. Also there's reviews and experiments with Exquisite Corpse.

Mujinga 9

Produced in 2011, contains 'A trip to Leeds zinefest,' a hilarious police witness statement, 'A few words on trading,' an ode to Donald the fotocopier and various cutnpaste shite.

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