Magic Realism

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Magic Realism
Volume 5 No. 1 1995/1996
Cover art by Harry Clarke

Magic Realism was a small press publication edited by C. Darren Butler and Julie Thomas, and published by Pyx Press.

Magic Realism was a literary zine devoted to fantasy and weird fiction and poetry that was published in the 1990s in Orem, Utah, U.S.A.. The publication also featured articles, reviews, and reprintings of Celtic fairy tales.

Contributors of cover artwork included John D. Batten and Harry Clarke.

Contributors of fiction included Carol Bergman, Helen Rames Briggs, Glenn G. Coats, Monica Cook, Marosa Di Giorgio, Janice Eidus, Brian Evenson, Patricia Flinn, Vernon Frazer, John Giurdanella, Kevin Greutert, Gordon Grice, Eli A. Grossman, Patricia Hart, Gerard Daniel Houarner, K. Huebner, Kenneth Huggins, Mary Husted, D. Kastinovich, Keith Lang, Joseph Lerner, Lorrie Beaver Levesque, D.F. Lewis (Nemonymous), Jerry Locklee, P. Andrew Miller, Robert Nagler, Lakshmi Narayan, Leland Neville, Luis V. Anthony Nunez, Edith Pearlman, Robert Pope, Daniel Quinn, Guillermo Reyes, Bruce Holland Rogers, E. Rose Sabin, Charles M. Saplak, John Satriano, Brian Skinner, Stephen Sossaman, John Soule, Bruce Taylor, Steve Rasnic Tem (Umbral), Jeff VanderMeer, Victor Walter, Batya Weinbaum, Juliet Wittman.

Contributors of poetry included Alice Bolstrodge, Magranne Castle, Mary E. Choo, Pamela Constantine, Keith Allen Daniels, Denise DeVries, Keith Evans, Elizabeth Hillman, Austin Hummell, Pamela Hughes, Will Inman, Josie Kearns, Thomas Kretz, Rebecca Lily, Daryl Nielson, William E. Passera, Jacie Ragan, Tom Riley, Harland Ristau, Jessica Amanda Salmonson (Fantasy Macabre), Chris Tannlund, D. Thomas, William John Watkins, Richard Wiman, and Mary Winters.

Articles were by C. Darren Butler, Julie Thomas, and Timothy Walker.

C. Darren Butler also published the small press magazine A Theater of Blood.