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Kelly Dessaint started publishing zines and books under the name Phony Lid in 1998.

Kelly Dessaint was a constant presence on alt.zines for several years. He worked with and was eventually sued by Rev. Randall Tin-Ear of Angry Thoreauan Magazine. He published the fourth issue of the zine Sex and Guts in book format. Sex and Guts was edited by Gene Gregorits and Lydia Lunch and included interviews with Jim Goad of ANSWER Me!, Jello Biafra and many other underground musicians, artists, filmmakers and writers.

Zines published by Kelly Dessaint include Vagabond, FyUoCuK, vis-a-septic, and the celebrated Pick Pocket Books, which were essentially handmade zines masquerading as books. After a seven-year hiatus publishing, during which time he started the band A Nervous Splendor, he is currently putting out a personal narrative zine called Piltdownlad.

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