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alt.zines is a usenet newsgroup created in 1992 by Jerod Pore and Edward Vielmetti for the discussion of zines and zine-realted topics.

From the original alt.zines charter: "alt.zines is a place for reviews of zines, announcements of new zines, tips on how to make zines, discussions of the culture of zines, news about zines, specific zines and related stuff."

Related stuff has included almost everything under the sun. Throughout the 1990's alt.zines was really the only forum for zinesters to promote, talk, discuss small publishing issues and tips. And of course argue. It was a place where a zine reader or first time publisher could rub elbows with infamous zinesters. Some of the more infamous alt.zines personalities have included Stan Matters, R. Seth Friedman, Rev. Randall Tin-Ear, Doug Holland, Jeff Kay, "Ninjalicious" (AKA Jeff Chapman), Sky Ryan, Tim Brown, Josh Saitz, Dan Halligan, Heath Row, Jeff Koyen, Bob Conrad, Jen Angel, Seth Robson, Karl Wenclas, Robert W. Howington (AKA The Loser), Asha Anderson, Emerson Dameron, Jerod Pore, Jim Goad, Cullen Carter, Steen Sigmund, Darby Romeo, Jim Hogshire, Debbie Goad, Cali Macvayia, Don Fitch, Jeff Potter, Joel McLemore, Kris Kane, Marc Parker, Paul T. Olson, Sean Guillory, Ruel Gaviola, Chip Rowe, Brent Ritzel, Shaun Richman and Jeff Somers.

While today there are many other online forums for zinesters and traffic on alt.zines has slowed down dramatically since the zinester flame wars of yesteryear, alt.zines remains one of the most infuencial places on the web for zine publishers and readers alike.

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