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Karl Wenclas and Mike Jackman in Detroit, 2002

Karl "King" Wenclas (born in Detroit, Michigan) is the publisher of the zines New Philistine, Zeen Beat and Hot Poetry. He is now better known as a founder of, and the Publicity Director for, the Underground Literary Alliance. After ceasing publication of New Philistine, Wenclas returned to writing at the urging of fellow self-publishers Michael Jackman and Steve Kostecke, both of whom founded the ULA with Wenclas in 2000. His essay "How to Create a Literary Movement," published in Zine World: A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press, launched the idea of the ULA. Wenclas likens his brand of "ballyhoo" to the tactics of famous promoters including PT Barnum, Brian Epstein and Malcolm McLaren. He has engaged in controversy with others in the literary subculture.

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