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Joel McLemore is a zinester who was originally from Oklahoma but is now residing "somehere in central California".

McLemore published Popular Delusion zine very sporadically during the 1990s. One article was published in the short-lived magazine Spec in 1995. He also interviewed Exhumed Films for Punk Planet. He has also been published in PMS, Fucktooth, Crush, and Daybook. As well, he was a semi-regular participant on alt.zines as well as the punk-list e-mail list.

He worked for the United States Postal Service for seven years, both as a data entry clerk and as a mail processor, where he ran magazines and other flats through a machine, often damaging them. He is currently attending graduate school and will soon begin working as a tax associate for a "Big 4" accounting firm.

Joel is currently writing material for a new personal zine, much of which will be about his time at the Post Office.