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Eldritch Leanings was a Lovecraftian fanzine by Will Hart.

Eldritch Leanings was first published in Anaheim, California and then Fullerton, California, U.S.A., from February 1976 through October 1981 for the Esoteric Order of Dagon Amateur Press Association.

The zine featured reviews of books and films in the science fiction and fantasy genres; discussion of films being made from Lovecraft's work; Convention news and photos of participants; Lovecraft appearances in new books and magazines and comics; memories of H. Warner Munn and J. Vernon Shea, fellow member of E.O.D., and editor of Outre; a letter from E. Hoffman Price on the death of Leigh Brackett, and mailing comments on the publications of other members, such as Larry Baker, Bernadette Bosky (The Inhabitants of the Lake), Donald Burleson, Scott Connors, David A. Drake (Drake's Potpourri), Kenneth Faig (The Moshassuck Review), Lawson W. Hill (Darkness Over Providence), Ben Indick (Ibid), S.T. Joshi, Joe Moudry (The Arkham Anchorite), Kenneth Neily, David Orens, Wilum Pugmire (Old Bones, Visions of Khroyd'hon), Michael Reden and Chet Williamson (Crumbling Relicks).

Contributors included John Gatto, Fritz Leiber, E. Hoffman Price, and Wilum Pugmire.

Issue 6 featured photos from the induction of Robert Bloch into the Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Hall of Fame.

Issue 12 featured photographs from Fantasy Faire '78 and World Con of Forrest Ackerman (Voice of the Imagi-Nation), Donald Burleson, S.T. Joshi, Fritz Leiber, Dirk Mosig (The Miskatonic), H. Warner Munn, J. Vernon Shea, and others.

For issue nine, Will Hart made up special ID cards for the group identifying each of them as faculty members of Miskatonic University.

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