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Baker Street Gazette was a literary zine devoted to the Arthur Conan Doyle character Sherlock Holmes, published by Baker Street Publications, and edited by Sharida Rizzuto.

Published in Metairie, Louisiana, U.S.A., three issues of Baker Street Gazette appeared in the 1980s, before going online.

The first issue was published in 1986. The cover art work was by Jim Garrison. It included the articles "Sherlock Holmes Adds a Word" by Walter P. Armstrong; "A Study in Collecting" by Susan Beasley; "Lovecraft and Sherlock Holmes" by Ben P. Indick (Ibid); "The House of Moriarty" by Rick Lai; "Sherlock and the Count" by Gary Lovisi; "Sherlock Holmes Affirming America At Home And Abroad" and "Sherlock Holmes: Healing The Gifted Through Bibliotherapy" by Michael Murphy. Also included were the fiction stories, "Baker Street--The Winter Of The Great Experiment" by Susan Beasley and "Lord Backwater's Message From The Beyond" by W.E. Dudley.

Issue two featured the articles "Sherlock Holmes' Autobiography" by Walter P. Armstrong, Jr.; "A Lady Sherlockian: What Does She Collect And Is It Different From A Gentleman Sherlockian? by Susan Beasley; "Several Homes, But No Holmes" by Joel Levy; "On The Great Stage" by Gary Lovisi; "Sherlock Holmes His Methods True To Film" and "The Lone Ranger: Sherlock Holmes Behind The Mask" by Michael B. Murphy. Fiction included "The Giant Problem From Sumatra" by W. E. Dudley, and "Sherlock Holmes And The Habanera" by Irving L. Jaffee.

Issue three was published in Summer 1989. It included the articles "Jack the Ripper or the Whitechapel Murders" by R. David Ludwig; "Barnaby Jones: A Kinder, Gentler Sherlock Holmes Of The 1970s" and "C. Auguste Dupin: Forerunner For Sherlock Holmes" by Michael B. Murphy. Fiction included "The Mortal Terror Of Old Abrahams" by W. E. Dudley. Poetry was contributed by Walter P. Armstrong, Jr., Carl Buchanan, Tom Galusha, Lyndia Glover, Robert R. Hentz, Bruce E. Newling, and Shilamith Surnamer. Featured in this issue was an interview with L. B. Greenwood.

Artwork was contributed by Jim Garrison, and Sherlock (CollinSports), among others.

Letters came from Syd Goldberg, Robert Hatch, Cameron Hollyer, O'Neil De Noux, Janet A. Rudolph, and John Bennett Shaw.

Baker Street Publications produced other zines, such as The Collinsport Record, The Collinwood Journal, The Haunted Journal, Horizons Beyond, Sleuth Journal, The Vampire Journal, and Movie Memories.