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Oxytocic was a science fiction fanzine by Michael T. Shoemaker.

At least 7 issues of Oxytocic were published in Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A. in the early 1970s.

Issue 5 was published in November/December 1971, and included front and back covers by Bruce Townley (Oblong), an editorial by Michael Shoemaker, articles by Richard Laurents, John J. Pierce, and Bruce Townley, reviews by Ted Pauls, and interior illustrations by Bruce Townley.

Issue 6, from Spring 1972, features a front cover by Mark Jenkins (HYPErion), back cover by Bruce Townley, and interior illustrations by Dan Osterman and William Rotsler. Articles are by Richard Laurents, and Michael Shoemaker, with an editorial by Michael Shoemaker, and reviews by Bruce Townley.

Issue 7, from August 1973, includes a front cover by Alexis Gilliland, interior illustrations by Sheryl Birkhead (The National Fantasy Fan), Eric Kitagawa, and William Rotsler, an editorial by Michael Shoemaker, and articles by Richard Laurents and Michael Shoemaker.

Letters came from A. Phillipe Boyer, Donn Brazier (Farrago), Cy Chauvin, Perry Chapdelaine, Mike Glicksohn (Energumen), Norman Hochberg, Donald G. Keller, Mike Kring, Eric Lindsay, David Malvey, Mark Numper, Kenneth Ozanne, and Darrell Schweitzer.