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The Hungover Gourmet was a zine published in the U.S.A. by Last Call Productions and edited by Emil Nitrate from issues 1-4 and by Dan Taylor after issue 5.

The tagline as of issue 5 was "the journal of food, drink, travel & fun." Articles included a wide variety of food-related subjects (often inspired by nostalgia), as well as travelogues, restaurant reviews, and the occasional recipe. The zine ran for eleven issues, from Summer 1997 through 2009, with Taylor ending the print run to focus on the Hungover Gourmet blog.

Frequent contributors included Davida Gypsy Breier (Leeking Ink, Xerography Debt), Tom Crites, Kathy Moseley (SemiBold), Stephanie Scarborough (The Cheap Vegan), and William P. Tandy (Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore!).

Selections from issue ten of The Hungover Gourmet were reprinted in volume nine of Zine Yearbook, published in 2008.


#1: "Bar-be-cue daze." (Summer 1997)

#2: "Cooking ... the Armed Forces way." (Fall 1997)

#3: "Chili: a Hungover salute to America's food." (Winter 1998)

#4: "It's a 'Burgh thing." (Winter 1999)

#5: "Shocking tales! from Pennsylvania Dutch Country!!" (2002)

#6: "Snack attack." The only full-sized issue. (Fall/Winter 2002)

#7: "Ollie's last call." (2003)

#8: "Vet Stadium, rest in pieces." (2004)

#9: "High steaks showdown." (2005)

#10: "Crab-tacular." (2006)

#11: The coffee issue. (2009)

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