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Ghuvna was a science fiction fanzine edited by Joe M. Fillinger and Charles Momberger.

The first two issues were published in the U.S.A. in 1952.

Issue #1 (January-March 1952) featured three poems by Raymond L. Clancy.

Issue #2 (August 1952) contained poetry by Raymond L. Clancy, Tom Covington (Bizarre), Walt Klein, Orma McCormick (Starlanes), Maria Paternoster, and Emili A. Thompson, plus other contributions from W. Paul Ganley (writing as Toby Duane), and Dr. David H. Keller.

In Mike Deckinger's article "The Club House" for the April 2007 el about Rog Phillips' fanzine review column for Amazing Stories he recalls the review Phillips gave Ghuvna: The highlight of Ghuvna was editor Joe Fillinger’s account of taking his draft, pre-induction physical (remember those days). “If there wasn’t another thing in the zine it would be worth more than a dime.”