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Found Sound is a series of zines and posters written and designed by TrollE.

In in October 2001, TrollE began designing posters with poems, cartoons, stories and other graphics that would later become content for the Found Sound zines. These posters were simple black and white photocopies on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper which were then wheatpasted to bus shelters. traffic signs, electrical boxes, and bathroom stahls. They were intentionally placed so that the general public would be encouraged to read them while waiting or defecating, or just passing time. Beginning in January 2002, the six Found Sound posters in the series, along with newer content, became the first zine in the Found Sound zine catalog.

There are currently four issues in the collection, "It's my life, even now", "Freespell", "gotta kick at the darkness", and "Magic". All of the zines are long prose styles interspersed with poetry, usually with many chapters dividing up the zine.

External links

  • [1] - Online versions of "Freespell", "gotta kick at the darkness", and "magic"