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Freespell is the second issue from the "Found Sound" collection of zines written by TrollE. It was released in 2002 and is a project in stream of conciousness writing, with poetry appearing in later chapters of the zine.

Excerpt from Freespell

its time to leave. rolling around town in the back on a garbage can over leaves and past lakes. i show lydia but she just laughs. thats how it is.. kids raping kids to sell crack and wear those clothes, but dont you knows, you infest my head like a good show, and also dont you know, that its the wrong way, to get payed, to bring pain, to another - you got yourself to blame. out to lunch, with a bang in your hand, think you got the look but when i roll by on my garbage can, you got the fears in you - i can see. no trying to rape me. please! dont need to infest me, to take me again. no need to stick my side with your spear like pen. no need to steal my dreams, no need to fight me, though it seems - its an easier way to get what you layaway, without having to work a day . but hey, im human, we were brothers one day. whats this? protecting community? fighting me with fear? i challenge that aspect and take on you with respect - tolerence and integrity, to the community, is what i expect. no fear. thats what i want, but the more your inclined to take my mind, the more i hide. nah nah nah, that is no longer the cool. i have no more fixations. leave me ! LEAVE ME ! i know you know you know its wrong. thats all i need. and you to leave me be!

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