Gotta kick at the darkness

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Gotta kick at the darkness is the third issue from the "Found Sound" collection of zines written by TrollE. It was released in 2004 and deals mostly with the topics of anti-technology, love, and an abandoned house in the city of Brampton, Ontario Canada.

Excerpt from Gotta kick at the darkness

soft viola, caress to rock me. build and wreck - engineer tall towers o soul. play. lullaby for toddlers matched by stories for saints (like this one) • stolen bent typewriters sing in sand. this is what heaven looked like. it we all just fell asleep for a few years • rip van syndrome - dreamtalk.
everywhere i look i see regret, despair & pain • i don't exclude myself, i'm just trying a different dance. no caller for me. no lesson, no shoes, no music except my own soul singing in the night while nightmares of tomorrow run through your brain. i am the grass hopper who learned to migrate. i am the ugly duckling who got a tattoo! i'm fucking Peter Pan! i am robin hood in search of sherwood forest - fuck that - EVERYWHERE IS SHERWOOD FOREST !!! you just refuse to see the trees. i eat where i want, i sleep where i want, i shit where i want and i make love to god every second of it!

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