It's my life, even now

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It's my life, even now is the first issue from the "Found Sound" collection of zines written by TrollE. It was released in January of 2002 consisting mostly of content used for the Found Sound poster series which was done from October 2001 to January 2002.

Excerpt from It's my life, even now

the decending aorta. it aches. like all my love is being centred in one spot with nothing in common with the way i feel..

a slap in the face and a stomach ache, it just doesnt make sense. i wonder why is the heart how we feel lonely? shouldn't we feel a slight pressure in our frontal lobe or something? why the heart?

rain has a similar effect to my body as the sensation of lonely does. rain also makes my heart feel tight. it makes my heart feel tight but the rest of my body feel as if it were filled with the softest navy blue feathers, and a nice shell of velvet but surrounded by a smokey haze of lead. i feel weighted yet comfortable. like an anchor in a bed of sand.