Chaos (Miske)

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Issue 1 January 1939
Cover design by Myrtle Douglas

Chaos was a science fiction fanzine by Jack Chapman Miske.

Chaos first appeared in January 1939 in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. The first issue is digest-sized with 9 pages of text, and is entirely devoted to a fantasy story written by Mr. Miske titled "Athane". At the front of the fanzine he includes an acknowledgement, saying "I am indebted to Forrest J Ackerman for his cooperation in compositing and stenciling this magazine on his machine and to Morojo (Miss Myrtle R. Douglas) sincere thanks for mimeoing and cover."

Cover design, as mentioned in the acknowledgement, is by Myrtle Douglas.

Jack Chapman Miske also co-published Scienti-Snaps with Walter E. Marconette, and in January 1941 the two editors released one issue of Bizarre.