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Issue 5 1988
Cover art by Desmond Knight

Zest was a small press publication published by Ian Redman.

Zest was a science fiction fanzine that focused on fiction and poetry and was published in the 1990s in Yeovil, Somerset, UK. Nine issues were released, the first in Winter 1977, and the last in Winter 1999.

Zest included book, film, television, video and computer software reviews, news, fiction and poetry.

Contributing artists included Christopher Jarman, Tom Kerry, and Desmond Knight.

Contributing writers included Neal Asher, Nancy Bennett, Paul Birkett, Hugh Cook, David Cowdall, Andrew Darlington (Ludd's Mill), Sarah Ellender, A.C. Evans, Sean Russell Friend (Overspace), Dale Harker, Rhys Hughes, Geoff Jackson, Stephen Jansen, Ceri Jordan, Tom Kerry, James Lecky, D.F. Lewis (Nemonymous), Richard Lung, Jill McGroarty, Ash Miller, Robert Neilson, Michael O'Connor, David Price, Richard Reeve, J. Rogerson, Sian Ross, Richard Salbury, Dave Seaman, David Sivier, Steve Sneyd (Data Dump), J.P.V. Stewart, Pamela Stuart, Peter Tennant, Philip A. Todd, Anthony Wilkins, Paul Williams, and Stuart Young.

Ian Redman went on to publish Jupiter.