Yes, Ms. Davis

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Yes, Ms. Davis Issue 1 1994

Yes, Ms. Davis is a zine created by Vaginal Davis.

Published in the 2990s in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., at least two issues of this title was released.

The first issue, released in 1994, featured articles, photos, collages, and celebrity gossip. Everyone from film director Melvin van Peebles, artist Regi Mentle, Michael Glass, bands such as Psycho-drama, Sonic Youth, Wayne County and the Electric Chairs, Ween, and Youth Brigade. Photographs were contributed by Johnny Noxzema. Other contributors included Cherry Jefferson and Al Slammer.

Issue 2 featured the band Cholita in performance at the Whisky, with members Pat Bag, Dean the Babe, Fertile LaToya Jackson, and Vaginal Davis, photographed by Jon Aes-Nihil. Also featured was artist, musician, and zine editor G.B. Jones.

Yes, Ms. Davis was one of the titles featured in the 2023-2024 Brooklyn Museum exhibition devoted to artist-made zines, Copy Machine Manifesto.