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Torrents was a science fiction fanzine published by Nancy Share.

Torrents was published in Danville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A, in the 1950s. The first issue appeared in the summer of 1954, and was appropriately entitled Summer Torrents. This zine was a Fantasy Amateur Press Association mailing.

Issue 2 was published in Autumn 1954; Issue 3 was released in February 1955; Issue 4 in August 1955; Issue 5 appeared in May 1956; Issue 8 in February 1957; and Issue 9, which may be the last issue, in May 1957.

Contents included artwork by Nancy Share.

Nancy Share had previously do-edited Hodge-Podge with her sister Marie-Lousie Share from 1953 till 1955. She also published Ignatz and was the art director for Fan To See. She later co-edited the zine Churn with Art Rapp (Spacewarp).