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The Collective Zine is a fanzine published by Belfry Press/The Collective Writers Group, and edited by Lucidscreamer.

Devoted to the television series Dark Shadows, with some cross over fiction also devoted to the television series Forever Knight and Star Trek 24 issues of The Collective Zine were published in the U.S.A. between 1995 and 1999. The focus of the zine was on writing fiction and fan fiction. it also included articles, essays, art work, and poetry.

Contributors of essays and articles included Trish Bennett, Elaine Garner (Wolf Tracks), Jo, Lucidscreamer, M. Maupin, Jeffrey P., Jeff T., Tanaquil, and Wilusa, among others.

Fiction was contributed by Sandy Adams, Trish Bennett, Anne C., M. Maupin, Jeffrey P., and Wilusa, among others.

Contributions of poetry were by Lucidscreamer, and Wilusa, among others.

Artwork was contributed by Anne C., Marlena G., Lucidscreamer, M. Maupin, and Sherlock (CollinSports).

Some fiction and poetry from The Collective Zine was also published in The World of Dark Shadows.

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